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This is the part where Bradley A. Murray shares his contribution to the art of photography, both moving and still. Moved to say something philosophical to prove his worth or his degree. He’s contemplated using buzz words like authentic and cinematic to appease the reader. As you read this just know, Bradley is writing this as an exercise in hopes to not come across as so self important.

Because it’s not all that serious. The truth is he isn’t saving the world, no one is or ever has. It’s all really simple for him. Make people feel seen and that will scratch the itch to make others want to see.


Bradley believes the why is more important than the what. highly sensitive from a young age, he has carried this demeanor into his work.

Bradley received his BFA in photo journalism from Columbia College Chicago. Continuously breaking barriers, Bradley aims to merge cinematic and commercial work into a new frontier of artful filmmaking.

Bradley’s Work can be best described as conversational, authentic and relatable. A true student of the photojournalistic style, his contemporary approach allows room for a timeless and classic touch.

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